Friday, July 12, 2013

Kagerou's Journal 14

Catch up on previous parts here.

Day 3

I take my pen up again today to recount the events which transpired. We discovered some disturbing information about the night raid by the goblins which I will explain.
The day began normally enough. Over breakfast Eyotah received word that the armor she’d ordered would be ready the next day. The halfling, Stormy, set off to the cathedral to have a few flasks of water blessed. She appears to be proficient in the holy arts herself, but I suspected, at the time, that she wanted to visit the healer.
She left the three of us sitting at the table eating leftovers from the feast the night previous.  I couldn’t quite remember but I thought I’d heard something about a grave robbing at the cathedral.
Abruptly I shoved myself upright. “There’s no point in setting off on our job until tomorrow when you get your armor.”
“What about it?” Eyotah yawned, bored.
“I thought I heard something about a grave robbing so I’m going to poke around for curiosity’s sake.
Now both of them looked more awake.
“Count me in,” said Breuvial.
“Me too.” Eyotah rubbed her forehead. “Maybe it’ll take my mind off this hangover.”
I ducked my head so she wouldn’t see my smirk. It’s little wonder her head hurt after all she drank. I stretched leisurely as they persuaded their bodies to stand up. Then I set off in the direction I thought the halfling had gone.
“I suppose one of us knows the way to the cathedral?” I mumbled.

The spire of the cathedral guided us like a beacon so we made good time. The priest was escorting Stormy outside as we arrived.
“Father Tobyn’s tomb. That’s the one.”
“The earth is still turned up?” Stormy asked.
“Aye. We haven’t had the time to restore it yet.” The priest looked worried.
“Rest assured. I’ll let you know if I find anything new.”
“Thank you.” He bowed slightly and hurried back inside.
“How’s the healer, Hannah?” Eyotah asked.
Stormy registered our presence. “She’s doing badly. Father Zantus is unable to heal her at the moment.”
Breuvial clucked her tongue sympathetically. I changed the topic.
“I take it you’re interested in the grave robbing too?”
She whipped around to face me. “How…?”
“I heard some rumors back at the tavern. I’m not deaf either. You were just talking about a grave with that priest.” Nonchalantly I dug a finger in my ear.
She relaxed. “The previous father’s, Tobyn’s, tomb has been disturbed.”
“Then let’s go investigate and see if we can’t shed light on the situation.”
Eyotah grunted her approval and Stormy led the way.
“The night guard only saw shapes of people in the graveyard. One tall and several short. They carried Father Tobyn’s body away. For what purpose no one knows. Here we are.” She stopped in front of a fresh pile of dirt.
Eyotah bent down to examine the prints on the ground. “I see six goblin prints and one human size boot print. Beylor?” The bear sniffed the ground. He growled in Sylvan that he smelled three drunken goblins and a familiar human scent.
We all looked at each other at that. So the human was familiar. That boded ill to me.
Stormy lent her nose to the effort. “The human smells similar to our tavern host, Amico, and someone from the glassworks. Maybe a relative?”
“We should go back to The Rusty Dragon and confirm that it isn’t Amico’s scent.” Eyotah pushed herself up and started walking.
I nodded my agreement and followed. The others came as well, though Stormy’s face was blank of any emotion.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kagerou's Journal Links

I thought it'd be convenient if I collected all the links to Kage's story in one place. Enjoy!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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Kagerou's Journal 13

Read part 12 here.

Aldern smiled and nodded eagerly. “I’ll have everything prepared for your visit.” His eyes lingered on me slightly longer before they focused on the halfling instead. “And lastly, who are you?” He was done eating so he clasped his hands and leaned forward.

She grimaced. “My name is Stormy.”

“A halfling I see.”

She hesitated, then nodded. “Yes.”

“Are you from here? You appear to know the area. I didn’t think, though, that halflings were native to this region.”

“We aren’t. I’ve visited this town many times and have had extended stays.”

I noted the discrepancy with what she had told us, but kept quiet. She must have a reason to hide her true business.

Cheers and applause prevent Aldern from addressing her again. Breuvial dropped back into her seat, fanning her face with her hand. Her clothes seemed to clink a little more loudly than before and I wondered how much money she had pocketed.

Aldern clapped his hands together. “Wonderful dancing, Breuvial. Correct?”

She nodded. “Thank you.”

Aldern refilled her cup and she gulped it down. “Ah, it’s empty.” He moved to refill her cup again but only a drop came out.

“Another keg!” he called.

I saw one rise up and start bobbing and weaving through the crowd. Ick appeared underneath it as he approached the table. He banged the spigot into the keg and set it on the table.

“Breuvial, tell me, are you from this area?”

“No. I’m just passing through.” She waved her hand vaguely and her sleeve fell back, revealing more of her tattoos.

“Is that a mark of sorcery? Can you do magic?”

“Yes. I have some skill in it.”

Aldern offered to refill her cup.

“Oh no. I’ve drunk enough. Thank you.”

“Then don’t mind me.” He picked up the keg and chugged it down. Those surrounding us caught sight of him and cheered him on. He banged the empty keg down on the table, grinned and then passed out flat on his face.

A servant wearing Aldern’s insignia approached behind his master’s slumped form.

“Please pardon my master. He wished to reward you for saving him.” The servant set down a small, heavy bag in front of each of us. He bowed, picked up his master and left.

I hefted my bag in my hand. It was of a decent weight and clinked softly. “I wasn’t expecting money.” I grinned at the others. “But it is welcome.”

They nodded in response and Eyotah pounded her fist with the bag on the table.

I rose to my feet. I wanted to count my money in my room away from prying eyes. The crowd was so dense I had to detour all the way past the bar.

“I’m taking off to check things out. Those goblins are up to something.”

I froze as Ick’s whisper reached my ears.

A female voice replied, “Be careful. You don’t want a repeat of last time.”

The voice belonged to the owner. I lingered a moment longer but neither poke again and I thought I saw Ick leave the building.

I reached the bottom of the stairs in time to hear Eyotah begin shouting and babbling in her native tongue. She had found a dog somewhere to mount and, waving wildly, she yelled something about slaying a hog monster before she overbalanced and fell off with a crash into a bucket of slops.

Laughing, I climbed the stairs and thanked the gods I wasn’t her roommate.
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