Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frozen Over

The area my school is in has been experiencing some very cold weather due to that arctic air mass that has come our way. Temperatures have been below freezing, even during the day, and the lake has been frozen over for two or more days! I know it's very solid because I went for a walk on it today, though I wasn't stupid enough to walk out to the middle where the sun had been shining on it all day. And what do I think of all this? I love it! Bring the cold weather on! All I want in return is snow and we've gotten some accumulation, but nowhere near enough in my opinion. I shall try to upload a picture of the lake as soon as possible, that is, if the lake remains frozen till I have a chance to walk down there with camera in hand. The rising temperatures have me worried that the lake might deice itself soon.

Anyways, my walk on the lake coincided with my first day of classes. Yes, the break is finally over and we have to do homework again. However, it is good to be back with my friends even though I don't much like the homework aspect of it. Today was nice though because all my classes didn't meet so I had most of the day to myself. Of course, most of that time was spent convincing myself to start working on the homework I've already been assigned. I can't wait till tomorrow though because that is when my poetry class starts. Both my English classes are on the same days. That is going to make things interesting when exam time rolls around.

I am pleased to announce that my dana did wonderfully during classes today when I used it to take notes and keep track of my schedule. It most certainly lightens my load when it comes to all the things I stuff into my backpack.

Until next time!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Polling time!

Yes, it's time to try something new around here. I've been wondering lately about novels, in particular what length is appropriate for a novel; namely, is the optimal length for a novel short or long? My general research has turned up a preference for short novels, especially in the science fiction genre, but I was also wondering about the fantasy genre which boasts the biggest supposed liking for long, well fleshed out books.

My question to you readers is in two parts. Firstly, do you, as a reader, prefer short books over long books and why?

Secondly, from which genre are you most likely to select and/or buy short novels?

To make things easier on you, you'll find two polls to the left of this post. Please vote in them and then comment on this post with your further thoughts on this matter. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

By the way, for those of you who are wondering, I define a short novel as one that has a maximum of 200-250 pages and a long novel as anything over that.

Until next time!

Monday, January 5, 2009

100 words: A story or a paragraph?

According to 100 Words or Fewer Writing Contest, 100 words is most definitely long enough for a story and is long enough to win up to $500 in prize money. Yes, this is another contest. For a $15 entry fee you can have a shot at winning either $500, $200, or $100 in prize money. All you have to do is write a story in 100 words or less. Will I attempt it? I don't know right now. It depends on when they post their new contest.

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine is my next target for the Old Has Passed Away and The New Has Come to Stay. I've finally got some feedback on it and that has been extremely helpful. Maybe I can polish it up in February and send it off once I get the first draft of Dream of a Dream done.

Dream of a Dream is progressing, though at a snail's pace. I have not had much time to myself, thus I have only written 1k of it, enough to cover the background information of the main character.

More updates later. Remember to sign up for the newsletter!

Until next time!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

What are your New Year Resolutions? Here's mine!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the year 2009! Many of you, as I did, stayed up till midnight to ring in the new year. This post is a reward for you staying up all that time. Anyways, I've decided to join in the popular custom of making resolutions for the new year. Or at least, I have a few writing goals I'd like to accomplish. And here they are:
  • First and foremost, my biggest goal by far is to write, edit and self-publish Dream of a Dream, the allegorical novel about NaNo. Since this goal is so large, I have divided it up into monthly goals which are as follows:
January - Write the first draft.
February - Send the manuscript out to readers to get feedback and also finish writing Lwyn: A Space Trader's Daughter Book 1 and 2.
March - Edit second draft of Dream of a Dream.
April - Send second draft out to readers for feedback. Also create a cover for the proof copy and layout the text.
May - Get CreateSpace to approve the documents for the proof copy and print it. Edit the third draft of the novel.
June - Send out third draft of novel to readers for the last time.
July - Make the final changes to the novel. Start laying out the text and alter the cover for the second proof copy.
August - Finalize the proof copy and order it. Finalize the layout, design, and content for my new authors website, Sittybus. Make the graphics for marketing Dream of a Dream.
September - Launch website on the first of the month. Change and order another proof copy if necessary. Launch marketing for Dream of a Dream.
October - Release Dream of a Dream on the first and continue the marketing campaign. Try to get book into a bookstore and arrange a book signing.
November - Continue marketing and hold book signing if arranged.
December - Continue marketing but relax otherwise.
  • As I said, that's a big goal and it's all divided up. Also mentioned in that goal are my other goals to finish Book 1 and 2 of the Lwyn: A Space Trader's Daughter Series.

  • I will also be participating for the first time in Script Frenzy in April of this year. So I'd also like to win that by writing the 100 pages of script.

  • I have already started writing a film script adaptation for Prince Caspian and I'd like to finish that in the new year. I know, a new film has already been made of it, but I feel that I need to work it out myself so I'll feel better, especially if it turns out to be the last Narnia movie made.

  • Finish my short story Erlkonig and submit it somewhere.

  • Finish The Old has Passed Away... and submit it somewhere.

  • Work on my novel with my friend via the letter game and maybe finish it

  • Write poems for school and, if any are good enough to publish, try to submit one somewhere, maybe the Q.

  • Enter some sort of writing contest.

And I think that covers it! I know, I've got a lot on my plate and some are rather vague, but I think they are reasonable. Enjoy the new year and I hope many things come true! Just remember, your new year's resolutions and goals won't come true unless you work on them, step by step.

Oh, one last thing. This new year I will launch a monthly newsletter that will contain updates about my writing and upcoming events. Sign up by clicking on the button below or the button in the sidebar. The first mailing will go out on January 31st.

Until next time!

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